Fashion Issue #1

What’s it about?

Trending topics from the fashion industry in the fields of retail, marketing, technology and products. Including an interview with Raffaella Campeggi. The Milan based Fashion Director of L’Officiel Italia doesn’t just recognise trends – but sets her own.


Walking Ads
An old-school platform for messaging is back in the form of the t-shirt. While new feminist movements are using the medium, other campaigns are als taking advantage of the mobile advertising space.

Micro Wave
In recent years Instagram influencers have been the big players on the social media scene; their currency is their followers. Many can practically name their price, with brands queueing up for lucrative collaborations. But can the bubble keep expanding for these new stars – or will we soon hear the pop?


Clean Conscience
An innovative New York company is tackling the taboo of menstruation head on.

Test Ground
With her New York Fashion Tech Lab, businesswoman and fashion icon Miroslava Duma promotes cutting-edge fashion and technology in the pursuit of sustainability.

Trash Fashion
With jeans, swimwear and t-shirts available made from recycled PET bottles, today’s consumers can feel they’re fighting plastic waste with their clothing choices. But does this represent real change – or is it just a PR manoeuvre?


Activity on Instagram has become indispensable for many brands in order to reach their target group. This development has converted the app into the perfect shopping platform.

High Street Revamp
H&M is launching its own retail store with Arket. What will the Swedish company do differently.


Just for me
Levi’s and Google have teamed up to create a denim jacket for cyclists to control their smart-phone while on the road.

Alongside the tidal wave of fast fashion, craftsmanship has kept up a steady stream.

New Life
Two German students have hit crowd-funding success with backpacks upcycled from old airbags and seatbelts. Adrian Goosses and Michael Widmann’s university project quickly showed its potential when they posted it on Kickstarter.


With Raffaella Campeggi
Fashion director at Italian fashion magazine L’Officiel Italia, Raffaella Campeggi started out as a freelance stylist. At Italian Marie Claire she had the opportunity to work with models and actresses like Camille Rowe, Diane Kruger and Laetitia Casta. And as fashion consultant she advises brands such as Patrizia Pepe and Erika Cavallini.