Parasol Island is a carefully picked team of more than 100 passionate experts and talents from around the world.

We are Parasol Island.

The creative hideaway with a team of hand-selected professionals that pour their sweat & tears into every project. A workplace where egos are left at home and teamwork is real. Our clear structures and organisation help us to work together, ensuring that we can rely on each other blindly – even when a project gets a little rough. We are more than just colleagues and believe #CrewLoveIsTrueLove. Our daily motivation is to create work that is beautiful, but also smart, pushing for solutions that allow our customers, local or international, to achieve their goals. On our island, you must have the desire to make yourself better, as well as us. If you rather stand still or say ”I have always done it this way.” then you are not right here. We have offices in Düsseldorf and Berlin, each with their own music, photo and film studios – but the 100+ full-time employees are just a fraction of our global network. In the end, no keynote presentation or website can convey who we really are and what life on the island is really like – so, we hope you have a good imagination or just come in for a visit.

Our Location

Office: Düsseldorf
Florastraße 75
40217 Düsseldorf

Office: Berlin
Rudi-Dutschke-Straße 26
10969 Berlin


Our Values

As Islanders, we put our hearts into every single execution and wake up each day to create work that is noticed. We are a small & humble tropical island with an international way of thinking. We believe that the best idea is the one that happens. – We get things done.


Application Process

Website / Mail Application

You’d love to work with us as a freelance talent or a permanent member of our island gang? Send us your application via website or mail. We can’t wait!

Video Application

A data sheet, PDF file or website won’t help us understand who you really are? Send us a video application and shine bright. We’re looking forward to it!


If you want to become a part of our island gang, you can also get a visa through an apprenticeship. Sure, new starts always bring new challenges. How many reports do I have to write? Where can I find which department? Who are my contacts on the island? It’s often difficult to keep track of things. We know that and therefore give you the best support when starting your training on the island. Our specially developed “Azubipass” serves as an orientation guide and gives you all the answers to your questions about your training at Parasol Island.

Island Life

Alexander Kuhn
HR Business Partner
[email protected]


You’d love to work with us as a freelance talent or a permanent member of our island gang, but still have some questions that remained unanswered? Don’t hesitate to get in touch with me!