Beauty Issue #3

What’s it about?

In this issue, our health and beauty communication experts focus on two topics fundamentally changing the beauty market: personalization and inclusivity.
Also read within our pages how a beauty event for youth has become market leader with its commitment to inclusivity, and learn about products addressing the needs of people with disabilities, among other hot developments from the sector.


Motion Lotion
A beauty brand for globetrotters attempts to lower the carbon footprint of airline guests.

Celebrating Inclusivity
With the beauty industry increasingly addressing target groups directly with events, Beautycon has become one of the most successful of its kind in the USA.

Filter Future
Playing catchup to Snapchat Instagram has empowered creators to give it the upper hand.


Real-life Photoshop
Home-use digital technology will allow the exact covering-up of hyperpigmentation blemishes such as age spots.

Face Mapping
Neutrogena is 3D-printing tailor-made face masks with individual ingredients chosen for each consumer.

A new test, for use at home or on-the-go, can determine your skin’s pH almost in real time.


Raising the bar on audience participation is Volition – a beauty brand where product ideas come from the community.

Gene in a bottle
Skintelli uses epigenetics to evaluate the current status of consumer’s skin, in order to propose a more accurate skincare routine.


Drop in the Ocean
Zero-waste bath products have hit the market, thanks to the teenage inventor behind Nohbo Drops.

Secret Power
CBD oil has been touted as a magic cure for all kinds of aliments – now it’s come to the beauty sector courtesy of a California-based company.

All Aboard
Different values are emerging in certain brands’ output as they shift to include a wider spectrum of potential consumers.


With Ming Zhao
Ming Zhao talks about her company’s path to customised beauty solutions, the similarities between mixing paint and producing cosmetics, and her doubts about current DNA-based beauty solutions.