Natsu Foods
The true freshness website

Natsu foods asked for our help to create them a website that would help stare their company into the digital future of awesomeness. However, at the time the Natsu brand was as fresh as the products they sold so all we had to work with was their logo. So together we discussed the company (over some tasty Sushi of course) and came to the conclusion that honesty, freshness and playfulness were words that best described the brand. With a better understanding of Natsu we developed a unique look and feel for the company based on clean pencil lines on white paper. Combined with beautiful product photography, this style was perfect for story telling and helped us give the brand all the charm, transparency and freshness they needed.

The Website

The Natsu website takes the user on a journey of delicious discovery. The fully responsive design gives flexibility wherever and however the content is consumed. The content currently comes in three languages (English, German and French) with more to follow soon.

The Natsu World

The landing page of the website is packed full of animations and it also doubles as a navigation for the site. Scrolling over various areas causes them to animate and by clicking on them you are linked to various sections within the website.

The Story of Two Brothers

Two brothers, Tim and Tom, own Natsu. We found the perfect way to tell their story with the help of a parallax scroll movement. As the user scrolls down the page, various illustrated elements animate and come to life. Rather than just have flat images we preferred to have a more playful interactive technique to tell the story of these two great guys and their successful company.

What Happened?

We were happy to hear that Natsu liked the look and feel we developed so much for their website that they also based their entire product design from it. You’ll find their products in the convenience food section of REWE supermarkets.

Recent Work