From Books to Snacks

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  • More own labels: Amazon is entering the snack market
  • Photo: Amazon

Amazon expands its private
label grocery range.

Private label products have become a significant global revenue driver for retailers in recent years. Amazon has recognised this movement and is now launching a new private label grocery brand in the US market, under the name “Aplenty”. The new label initially includes products from the snack range, such as chips, crackers, biscuits and mustard. However, further products from the categories of sweets, frozen food, spices, sauces, and baking mixes are to be added in the course of the year.

With the new brand, Amazon is further expanding its in-house food range and making itself increasingly independent from external manufacturers and retailers. According to Amazon, the new product range was developed according to the highest quality standards, continuously tested and produced without artificial flavours or synthetic colours. Amazon offers a so-called “Delicious Guarantee”, by which customers are refunded if not completely satisfied.

For its distribution, the online shipping giant is setting up a two-pronged approach: beyond its availability online, the new Aplenty product range will also be included at the twelve Amazon Fresh supermarkets that currently exist. The high-tech stores, equipped with smart shopping carts, Alexa shopping assistance, and cashierless checkout, currently offer a mix of national, local, and proprietary brands. According to Amazon, more than two dozen additional shops are planned in the US.