30. July 2019

Introducing: Samira

Samira Pütz

Samira has joined our team as Social Media Manager.

Where do you come from, and where are you headed?

I’m to 100% a German potato, haha. Unfortunately no foreign roots, I know – pretty boring! At the moment I live in Cologne – my hometown.

What skills do you bring to the company? How would you want to develop your talents?

I’m pretty curious and love to get to know new things and I’m also really into changes, because only changes help you to develop yourself, in my opinion. I feel like being quite creative, open minded and I’m holding a hands-on attitude. There is always a solution for everything!

What bores you to death, and what ramps your adrenaline level?

I’m not a fan of daily grind, I need diversification and I love to enhance my knowledge and my horizon.

What’s your current object of desire, and what really moves you?

Passionated people who work closely in a friendly environment together by having the same goal.

What gadget is indispensable and which application always has a solution?

Google is my best friend.

What website do you visit frequently? Whom do you meet offline?

Zalando – unfortunately I’m having a slight addiction to online shopping.
My boyfriend, family and friends.

What books and music are you enjoying at the moment? What are classics you would not want anyone to miss?

I’m really into indie, techno and disco/funky music.