Smart Food Links

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  • Tiktok creators can now link food videos directly to a recipe page
  • Photos: Jimmy Dean - Unsplash, Whisk, TikTok
Whisk’s success is based on a cross-platform model

Expanding its cooperation with third-party services, TikTok is launching a test run in which food bloggers can link directly to recipes in food app Whisk. Via a newly integrated “recipe” button, users can now save inspiring food content on their device, to then locate and buy the relevant ingredients in their immediate surroundings.

Whisk, a British smart food platform, relies on artificial intelligence and deep learning algorithms to personalise its own recipe feed. Now it’s also creating individual shopping lists and meal plans based on the learned preferences of Tiktok users. The app then matches these preferences with individual shopping habits and environmental data, and presents current offers from nearby supermarkets so users can easily grab the right products.

Founded in 2019, Whisk is currently enjoying success in the UK, Australia, and the US, and has partnered with major supermarket chains like Tesco, Walmart, Amazon, and Sainsburys. Its partnership with Tiktok opens up a wealth of growth potential, since viral recipes on the video-sharing platform will drive users to its offer. Industry observers are expecting a huge boost in the official sponsorship of food influencers.