The Return of Snapchat

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  • Teens and tweens are the core target group of the resurgent platform
  • Taco Bell, unsplash

As it gains momentum and relevance, the app is now making incursions into the food industry.

At the end of last year it was clear: Snapchat was still alive! After mixed business figures in 2018, 2019 saw the social media channel make up ground again: 24 million new users were added compared to the previous year, steadily rising quarter to quarter. The infamous redesign seems forgotten. The latest Android app and numerous new 3D and AR functionalities have racked up 203 million active users in 2019 (according to Statista). Of these, 90% are currently in the consumer-happy age between 13 and 24 years old. In the past few months, Snapchat has also won back advertisers with new tools such as Instant Create and innovative formats such as Dynamic Ads, out since October 2019.

Brands are increasingly using the AR and gaming components of the platform for their campaigns. Adidas set a benchmark last quarter with the 8-bit “Baseball’s Next Level” home-run derby game with included shopping. In food marketing, Unilever’s “Magnum Pleasure Fair” is an augmented reality game introducing an interactive version of the Magnum Pleasure Store. The idea is to make every visit to a Magnum store “a playful experience”, allowing users to combine retail and online experiences. Although the current campaign reach is still a long way from 2016, and Taco Bell’s legendary Snapchat serve with “Cinco De Mayo” and its 224 million views (in one day), this year’s social media underdog could be starting to make life more difficult for the larger Facebook players.