Fast Lane Shopping

Preview image of “Fast Lane Shopping”
  • REWE stationary shop customers can check out with the app
  • Photo: REWE

REWE is the first German food retailer to test “Pick & Go”.

In addition to pure online shopping, innovative shopping options such as “Click & Collect” or “Scan & Go” have made inroads during the pandemic. In the USA, Amazon is already going a step further with its new stationary retail concepts: customers simply take shopping home from Amazon Go stores without passing a checkout – to be billed automatically via the Amazon app.

REWE is the first food retailer in Germany to test a similar approach – with its own technological set-up. In a REWE store in Cologne city centre, customers will be able to make purchases quickly and with reduced contact – i.e. without paying at the checkout – from late summer 2021. A test was launched among employees in May.

At REWE, however, classic checkout payment will remain an integral part of future shopping. “Pick & Go” is just for those who choose. These customers will need to register at the entrance via a smartphone app designed for the purpose – where their bill will show up too as they check out. For this project, the Cologne-based supermarket chain is working with Trigo Vision Ltd., a Tel Aviv-based company specialised in computer vision technology.