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  • Glow Recipe focuses on fruit extracts
  • Glow Recipe
The Watermelon Mask is the bestseller in the range

Glow Recipe’s fruit-based masks are standing out in the booming sheet mask category.

The sheet face mask industry earned 206 million dollars globally in 2018, according to Allied Market Research, and is expected to hit 392.1 million by 2026. Driving growth has been the emergence of easy-to-use masks including all kinds of novel serums and ingredients.

But one of the key players uses something more traditional – fruit. Glow Recipe is a New York-based beauty company set up by Christine Chang and Sarah Lee, who met working at L’Oréal’s South Korean Seoul office. Their signature product is a watermelon face mask, which echoes Korean women’s tradition of smearing the fruit on their faces as a natural soother. Its latest incarnation is bestselling product the Watermelon Glow Sleeping Mask. The 2020 winner of the Glamour Beauty Award Readers’ Choice is described as “luxuriously bouncy” and advises that you may find real fruit chunks inside. Watermelon extract is rich in amino acid, hydrating hyaluronic acid and antiageing AHAs (alpha hydroxy acids). Other fruits abound in Glow’s product range, such as blueberry with its antioxidants and anthocyanins for antiageing and skin health.