Dynamite Burger

Preview image of “Dynamite Burger”
  • In demand: Samsung, Hyundai and – just announced – Louis Vuitton all cooperate with the band
  • Photo: Dispatch (CC)

McDonald’s is joining up with one of the world’s most successful bands to release official “BTS Meal”.

Even industry insiders were taken aback when this partnership was announced a few weeks before printing. As part of their “Accelerating the Arches” growth initiative, the US fast food chain is teaming up with K-pop legends BTS, one of the world’s most successful bands. Last year’s “Famous Orders” campaign starred Travis Scott and J Balvin. But BTS are true global megastars for a campaign that will reach McDonald’s branches in 50 countries on six continents. The end of May will see followers of the K-Pop icons able to purchase the BTS menu with chicken nuggets and two exclusive sauces, as well as coveted promo goods.

The launch is after Radar goes to press. But well-organised K-Pop fans can already be seen attempting to exert influence on this partnership. Whether by sabotaging a Trump rally by encouraging fans to sign up and not turn up, or trolling a German radio presenter after he criticised the band on air, the voices and influence of the K-Pop fans are loud and large. McDonalds leadership is currently feeling the heat on its social media channels in Germany, where the menu will not be offered. It will be exciting to see whether the BTS “A.R.M.Y” can enforce their demands with regard to participating markets, and how the menu will be rated by fans afterwards.