Contactless Airport Delivery

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  • Orders are placed via an app
  • AtYourGate
Deliveries beyond the limits of terminals

In the new era of post-pandemic airline travel, social distancing and contactless needs are being met by certain providers keen to take advantage of the opportunity.

US airport e-commerce platform Grab has partnered with mobile ordering and delivery company AtYourGate to bring food and shopping to passengers sitting comfortably and socially distanced at their gates.

Passengers will be able to order from their smart devices and across terminal and security borders, meaning wider options for purchase. That also naturally means airport concessions will be able to extend their reach, aided by Grab’s fluid integration with their own payment and inventory systems.

Grab’s omnichannel digital platform is available across more than 50 airports in four countries, having processed more than five million contactless orders, and rising. Meanwhile AtYourGate functions in nine US airports, with more than 100,000 orders brought to passengers. “This collaboration is designed to support the industry as we face some of the toughest challenges we’ve ever seen,” says Grab Chief Experience Officer Jeff Livney. “Having contactless ordering options during this health crisis is no longer just a ‘nice to have’.” The partnership will be offered to North American airports first, later to expand into other markets.