Radar Magazine
Retail Issue #3

What’s it about?

In this issue, our retail communications experts examine the latest innovations helping retailers transform themselves in the middle of a pandemic. Physical but contactless shopping, tours of virtual stores, and robots in service are just a few visions making rapid inroads, or in some cases already forming part of the “new normal”. Let these stories show you how retail concepts are being rethought right now – and feel inspired by the power of change.


15 Seconds of Fame
Instagram introduces a new short video feature to take on TikTok.

All Together
A fashion company is involving franchisees in e-commerce.


From Nice to Need to Have
Augmented reality is conquering the mass market.

Fast and safe – the pandemic is accelerating our trend towards contactless shopping.


Room for Hype
Diesel customers have a new way to buy, via a digital showroom featuring 360-degree displays.

Game Changer 2.0
The pandemic is boosting the development of voice-controlled shopping options.

Rise of the Bots
Robots have been advancing into retail. Here is an update on some latest trends.


Plane Sailing
In the new era of post-pandemic airline travel, social distancing and contactless needs are being met by certain providers keen to take advantage of the opportunity.

Just Guangzhou It
Nike is pushing the envelope for physical-digital integration with its new store concept in China.

Urban Jungle
The Swedish furniture giant is boosting its green credentials with a new store format.


With Mathias Ullrich
Greater flexibility instead of higher margins, traders as event hosts, and sprawling cities losing their attraction… Mathias Ullrich, managing director of LIGA2037, discusses the new normal and ventures a look into the future.

With Katarzyna Broniarek
The Country Communication Manager for IKEA Retail Poland tells us about the thinking behind the Home of Tomorrow, and how it fits into the company’s wider sustainability concept.