Retail Issue #2

What’s it about?

As POS and commercial communications experts, we at Parasol Island witness the rapid evolution creating huge challenges for retailers in the digital age. At a time when online and offline increasingly merge, it’s the stationary retail sector that must constantly reinvent itself to meet customers’ requirements.


Snap and Tuck
In addition to a revolutionary visual search tool, ASOS is pioneering AR to express body positivity and enhance the customer experience.

Access All Areas
Adidas and Ralph Lauren are among brands launching exclusive mobile apps to strengthen the digital bond between them and their biggest fans. This also represents a strategy to receive crucial insights into customers’ preferences.


Stock Options
Pensa Systems uses drones and Al to solve the problem of retail inventory.

Bots in Stores
Droids are invading stores worldwide, as retailers compete to cut costs and raise service.


Drop Till You Shop
NTWRK is a shopping channel app using celebrities to sell product releases to the YouTube generation.

Caring Concept
Maiyet has been popping up around London with an eco showcase of sustainable luxury brands.

The Next Generation
With the opening of Shanghai 001, the first store in its “House of Innovation” format, Nike is igniting the next evolutionary stage of its recent retail concept.


Normal Outside
North has introduced the next generation of Smartglasses in newly opened pop-up stores on the US West Coast.

Little Helper
Samsung has taken a step into the personal droid market with a new series including a robot dedicated to retail.

Silver Surfers
Alibaba is targetting China’s vast elderly market with a shopping app.


With Ayhan Yuruk
We talk to the mastermind behind #SHOWROOMING about omni-channel retail, the latest applications of technology, and the perfect customer journey.