Radar Magazine
Mobility Issue #4

What’s it about?

In this issue, we are taking a look at the thrilling sphere of urban mobility. The pandemic era has seen many metropolises take the opportunity to realign city-wide transport approaches. This is food for discussion with Felix Petersen, who as European head of the Ford subsidiary Spin, is working to make our cities more liveable with his vision of micromobility. According to Petersen, we’re still at the dawn of a new age in mobility, with possibilities freshly multiplied through advancing digitalisation. To meet this shift, major automotive brands are recalibrating brand image along with their engines. With the attention of Generation Z a prized commodity, BMW for example has built bridges through an unusual cooperation with a legendary New York streetwear label. Discover the project’s challenges and its measurable impact, in an interview with Tobias Weber, Head of Relationship Management at BMW.


Nordic Combined
A young green car brand is showing fashion sense with prominent cooperative tie-ups.

Street Credibility
An unusual cooperation by BMW is stoking desire.


Audi is aiming to get closer to its climate goals with a carbon capture facility in Iceland.

Lighter Fuel
The hydrogen engine exists. Will it take off soon?


Electric East
China’s tech giants are set to conquer the electric vehicle market.

Bridging the Divide
Turo is putting up 1 million dollars to spur a drive for economic equality in the US.


High Visions
A Munich-based start-up is targeting inner-city mobility with a smart suspension railway.

Green Delivery
A Berlin start up is pushing the boundaries of the bicycle to conquer delivery mobility.


With Tobias Weber
As Head of Relationship Management at BMW, Tobias and his team are responsible for global brand cooperation on the Munich side. We talked to him about the background to the collaboration.

With Felix Petersen
An old hand in a new industry, Felix discusses his work launching Ford’s Spin in Europe, explains why we are still early in the micromobility paradigm, and talks about how cities have started looking positively towards the future.