Mobilty Issue #3

What’s it about?

From me to we. In our increasingly complex world, there’s no room left to go it alone. An that’s particularly true in urban mobility. The best innovations in this area are more and more based on the idea of networks. This is a topic we explore in these pages: from cars sharing data with other road users to increase safety and service providers joining forces to create a reward system for sustainable mobility, to a flat rate allowing users to switch between modes of urban transport.


Easy Rider
US ride-sharing giant Lyft has used pop culture to rival its gigantic competitor Uber.

Gen Z Styles
BMW is the first automaker to access young people through a campaign on video platform TikTok.


Light Speed
A new project involving three powerful German tech players is aimed at creating micro-LED AR displays for car windows.

Space Time
Several startups are leading the voyage into orbit, to harvest the biggest data of all.

Well Connected
BMW Group is making real-time vehicle data publicy available with the aim of increasing traffic safety for all sides.


Whim bündelt die Kosten für verschiedene Transportmittel in einer Flatrate.

Point Forward
Velocia has created a rewards-based ecosystem encouraging citizens to travel more sustainably.

Game On
The young company holoride is showing how interaction between VR and vehicle sensors can change onboard entertainment.


Pacific Ride
Canoo is eschewing traditional car design with its range of subscription-only EVs.

Park Life
A robot valet called Stan is parking cars at a major French airport.

The New Wave
Two companies aim to bring solar-powered vehicles to market in the coming months.


With Alexander Zosel
In our featured interview, Volocopter founder Alexander Zosel explains how his autonomous air taxi will also use networked infrastructure to coordinate with air and ground traffic in worldwide metropolises. We get an insight on the tests already taking place and how this infrastructure will rapidly develop.