Mobility Issue #2

What’s it about?

In this issue we have taken a look at the new car brand quickly bringing practical electro-mobility to the mass market: the e-GO Mobile AG. For the next few months Günther Schuh, already responsible for trend-setting with his StreetScooter at Deutsche Post, is offering the e.GO Life city car to environmentally minded and cost-conscious customers. We talked to Michael Riesener at the company, responsible among other things for researching urban mobility concepts.


Inside View
A high-quality visualisation tool is changing the way the world buys and sells cars.

Ladies First
A French motorbike maker is targeting a neglected group: fashion-conscious women from big cities.


Car Watch
A new vehicle inspection system from an Israeli company has been deployed worldwide for security and routine damage checks.

Eyes on the Road
The 4D imaging system of Arbe Robotics could drive the driver-less car revolution.

Safer Cities
An US start-up is using public data to make city traffic safer.


Power Balance
A new vehicle charger enables the transfer of electricity back to your home.

Dashboard Deputy
Car manufacturers are pioneering more and more forms of Al integration for drivers.

Shared Future
Two companies are starting a test run for shared electric vans in Germany.


Plane Simples
Zunum Aero has its sights on disrupting aviation with its new hybrid-electric light aircraft.

Blue Sky Thinking
Aero-commuting might be not be here yet, but Aston Martin has laid down its marker.

Perfect Fit
With Vision URBANETIC, Mercedes-Benz has presented its idea of urban mobility for the coming decade.


With Michael Riesener
The success of StreetScooter, developed as an electric transporter for Deutsche Post, brought the machine-tool laboratory WZL at RWTH Aachen into the spotlight. In coming months, e.GO Mobile AG, another startup in this field, is to bring an affordable electric vehicle to the market with e.GO Life. Michael Riesener is behind the research.