Radar Magazine
Food Issue #4

What’s it about?

We might well be approaching the light at the end of the tunnel, with the long-awaited return to normality within reach in the West. But what will this “new normal” look like? What will become of our public eating habits, and which restaurants will survive? What changes has the pandemic accelerated or even triggered in the F&B sector? In this issue, we take a closer look at some of these questions while we talk to Julia Collins from San Francisco who launched her latest venture Planet FWD for greater transparency and resource-saving in food production.


Dynamite Burger
McDonalds is joining up with one of the world’s most successful bands.

Creator Friendly
Food app Whisk is allowing Tiktok cooking bloggers link to detailed recipes.


Fast Lane Shopping
REWE is the first German food retailer to test “Pick & Go”.

Generation D(elivery)
Restaurants will continue to rely on delivery services and e-commerce in the wake of the pandemic.

Phantom Food
One phenomenon of lockdown has been the expansion of delivery-only restaurants known as “ghost kitchens”.


Won by a Nose
In the future, an artificial nose will be able to determine meat freshness with the help of a smartphone app.

Space Savers
A US-company is using a space age concept to ferment meatless protein from thin air.

Plant Power
In San Francisco, a biotech startup is using AI to push the curative power of plants.


From Books to Snacks
Amazon expands its private label grocery range.

White Meat
A Californian food startup is bringing the first lab-grown chicken meat to eaters in Singapore.


With Julia Collins
In San Francisco, we talked to Julia Collins about the challenges in making climate-friendly products widely possible and adopted, future food trends, and one thing in food that will never change.

With Billy Wagner
In Berlin, we chatted with sommelier Billy Wagner from Nobelhart & Schmutzig about working with strictly local produce to create his Michelin starred kitchen.