Food Issue #3

What’s it about?

Sustainability is not a trend, but a value. This issue of Radar explores the topic as it applies to the cutting edge of global food and beverage. Here, our community experts for the sector present innovative companies and industry visionaries. Running through these trends, reflecting a strong interest across markets, is this value of sustainability.


Behold the Young
Supermarket giant Kroger is now using young platform TikTok for e-commerce.

Ring my Bell
Reach was one of the goals when a US fast food chain opened a hotel in Palm Springs.

As it gains in momentum and relevance, Snapchat is now making incursions into the food industry.


Stay Fresh
A young US-health food chain is expanding its brand experience with firm sports offers.

Sipping Selfies
An Israeli company has turned almost every drink into a blank canvas with a drink printing machine and platform.

Safe Course
Israeli startup SensoGenic is producing a handheld detector to detect food allergens.

Light Speed
As citizens become more aware of their environmental impact, numerous tools have sprung up to help us reduce our food footprint.


Protein Printer
Vegan steaks from the 3D printer – that’s the vision of start-up Redefine Meat.

Farms of the future will have various machines scuttling about – or so envisage a host of companies developing agricultural robots.

Less is More
A German startup is helping canteens avoid overproduction.


Swedish brand Oatly fights for the CO2 labelling of food.

Wrap Star
With the world gone plastic conscious, TIPA is working on making packaging ecological.

Cow Out
Several companies are engaged in the battle to produce a viable, scaleable dairy alternative.


With Abi Ramanan
In San Francisco, we chatted with entrepreneur Abi Ramanan. She has already received recognition from the World Economic Forum and the MIT for her idea to reduce food waste using NASA-grade technology.