Food Issue #2

What’s it about?

For this new food-themed issue, we got some time alone with the scientist Mark Post. He’s been known as the “godfather of clean meat” ever since he presented the first lab-grown burger five years ago in London. As he readies his product for the market he found time to talk to us about how “clean meat” can reach our plates, and impact on our society.


Pole Position
Snap Kitchen combines its social media channels and customer care with a software tool.

Share a Summer
Coca-Cola is using a reality TV series to boost engagement with Generation Z.

Food Screening
Kabaq is bringing its AR food visualisation skills in-app with Snapchat.


No Spoiling
Canadian scientists have developed a sensor that tells you how fresh your food is.

Machine Made
A restaurant in Boston shows what the kitchen of the future looks like.


Chain Watch
Various companies are scrambling to bring blockchain to the service of food supply management.

Clean Shopper
US supermarket giant Kroger has launched an app to help their customers put better food in the car.

After a short pilot phase in Frankfurt, Hamburg and Berlin, Dine+Go is ready to launch its business-launch billing service throughout Germany.


Tuna Out
Ocean Hugger Foods is shkaing up sushi menus with a newly developed fake fish.

Fast Food Deluxe
A German start-up is delivering gourmet dishes to homes for prepartion à la minute in a Miele Dialog oven.

Green Dog
Ikea Food is pushing for a more sustainable diet with its new Veggie Dog.


With Mark Post
Mark Post is an Amsterdam-born pharmacologist currently serving as professor of vascular physiology at the University of Maastricht. He was the first scientist to prove the concept of cultured meat grown in-vitro from stem cells – in 2013 he ate the first such hamburger in front of the press. He is the co-founder of the company Mosa Meat, which is planning to bring cultured meat to the mass market soon.