Food Issue #1

What’s it about?

Innovation and trends from the food industry and gastronomy. With an interview with Dylan Watson-Brawn. The visionary young chef has worked in the world’s best restaurants. Now he has opened his first own location in Berlin.


Cool Runnings
It’s an ingenious inventor who takes a problem and turns it into a solution. Over one billion people are reported to be living daily with no access to electricity. And most of the poorest areas on earth happen to also be rather hot.

While local produce is all the rage, compact appliances enabling home farming could be the next leap forward.


Pop Culture
Marketers at Starbucks have delivered a masterclass in how to attract the Instagramming, Snapchatting young target group known as Generation Z.

Spread the News
The marketing buzz has been intense. But company reps are keeping quiet on whether more Nutella cafés are to come.


Less Plastic
German supermarket chains REWE and PENNY have launched a major trial to reduce plastic packaging for fruit and vegetables.

Shelf to Table
Media coverage of the first ALDI Bistro was widespread in Germany. But the company has clearly stated that the pop-up os marketing ploy and not to a profit center: ALDI is not going into the restaurant business.

Field Test
As the food start-up scene booms, EDEKA is allowing innovative founders a real-world market test.


Second Life
It was a book about food waste that changed Jenny Dawson Costa’s life – and saved many fine fruits and vegetables from the garbage heap.

Don’t Waste It
There are several fairly-produced non-alcoholic caffeinated drinks on the market. A Hamburg-based start-up has gone one step further by using a by-product of the coffee harvest.


With Dylan Watson-Brawn
Culinary talent Dylan Watson-Brawn was already working in kitchens aged 14. By 17, he was cooking at a three-star Tokyo restaurant, following this up with stints at “Noma” and “Eleven Madison Park”. In Berlin at 24, he started the pop-up restaurant “Jung, Grün & Blau”. Then in summer 2017, with Spencer Christoph Geyler came on board to create a beverage the feeling that dinner is an event and experience.