Radar Magazine
Beauty Issue #4

What’s it about?

“Less, but better.” Find out how the rapidly evolving beauty industry is moving in the Corona year of 2020. In this issue of Radar, our experts investigate the plans of innovative beauty companies for adapting their business model to the pandemic and lockdown-era market, in order to find out which of these measures could endure.


Art Strings
Digital mastery has allowed China’s young makeup leader to usurp the European giants.

Mirror on the Wall
How a Gen Z makeup brand is successfully breaking with industry clichés.


Head Up
Korean startup Virtualive is launching an AR app to help you choose your next haircut.

Innovative cosmetic stations combine the perks of online shopping with offline self-service functionality.

Male Order
A US wellness and beauty startup
focuses on telemedicine and taboo topics.


With Nicola Kilner
In Nottingham, UK, we chatted with Nicola Kilner. The CEO of DECIEM gave us her unique insight into the beauty sector, founded on experience stretching from beauty-buying for massive UK retailer Boots to co-developing a business worth hundreds of million of dollars.


Personalised products, made in the bathroom: L’Oréal is personalising the home beauty routine.

Bio Boom
Labs worldwide are developing new components to make beauty more effective, efficient and sustainable.


Face Race
Glow Recipe’s fruit-based masks are standing out in the booming
sheet mask category.

Less is more
Young beauty brands plead for minimalism, naturalness, and conscious consumption.