Beauty Issue #2

What’s it about?

The latest trends from the beauty industry. For this issue we also met the mastermind behind Susanne Kaufmann organic treats. Susanne developed her company from a local label to global beauty brand.


Humble Beginnings
Beauty blogger Emily Weiss has turned customers into sales reps of the digital age, with her cosmetics line “Glossier”.

Splitting Hairs
New York startup “Function of Beauty is shaking up the market with personalized shampoo.

Stock Take
Cosmetics company Kiehl’s is using AI plus text messaging to prevent consumers escaping to massive online rivals.


Try Before You Buy
Cosmetics firms are relying more and more on augmented reality to push sales.

Perfect Seller
Could chat bots be the sales assistants of tomorrow? L’Oréal is using conversational marketing to sell personalised make-up and skin-care gifts.


Virtual Makeover
Virtual reality os not just revamping online sales – but transforming real-life retail environments too.

Creamy Concept
The perfect symbiosis of online and offline business has transformed a small concept store into a internationally successful company.

From K-Beauty to J-Beauty
Following the triumph of Korean beauty products, a wave of Japanese cosmetics is Threatening to conquer global markets.


Skin Deep
As hyaluronic acid is hailed as a wonder drug in cosmetics, new molecular compositions along with powerful ingredients.

Dispensing with middlemen, unnecessary packaging and high profit margins, “The Ordinary” offers some seriously effective cosmetics.

Do it yourself
Author Anita Bechloch explains in her books how to make natural cosmetics at home. Now she is also supplying the ingredients via her webshop “The Glow”.


With Susanne Kaufmann
The beauty products of Susanne Kaufmann can be found in high-profile stores worldwide. Since 2004, the Austrian entrepreneur has been marketing cosmetics under her own name – largely produced from herbal ingredients. She continues to run her family hotel in Bezau, as well as a spa at Berlin’s luxury hotel “Das Stue”.