The Hungry-Me Machine

We were asked to help bring the famous Snickers campaign "You are not you when you are hungry" to life within the digital World. For the concept to work socially it was essential people could recognize themselves in the hungry self-portraits and not just be projected as totally different characters.

The Idea

The idea was to take the “You are not you when you are hungry” campaign thinking and give everybody the chance to see what they looked like when they are hungry through the brilliance of digital technology. With the help of the users webcam they could take a picture of their face. Then with a few tweaks of our custom hungry trait levers the users face is magically transformed into their hungry selves.

It’s alive

We began by defining the look and feel of the machine. This was dictated by Snickers “rugged and masculine” tonality. It was decided that an industrial, vintage look would fit the brand and the concept best. We made a huge collection of machine material as inspiration for the Hungry Generator. It was then scribbled and fine tuned until its usability and functionality was optimized.


After sketching the machine and defining it’s features and functionality it was time to start building it. The Hungry-Me Machine was made out of a combination of real photography and 3D elements to make it look and feel as real as possible.

The amazing effect of becoming another character but still recognizing yourself is created by combining different technologies in a whole new way. These included liquefying, face in hole masking, overlays and textures. We created a complex matrix of character variations that could be generated with the 5 different hungry levers on the machine. Such variety was important to ensure each user received a personalized hungry portrait. The real fun starts when you share your personalized experience. Download and email your pictures or post them on Facebook and twitter. By turning the consumers into the main actors the Hungry Generator lifted the campaign to the next level.

Recent work

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