MEXX Metropolitan Casual

In 1986, the Moustache and Emmanuelle brands merged and two „kisses“ were added: ME+XX. Having passed from the hands of its founder, Rattan Chadha, to the American fashion company Liz Claiborne Inc. in 2001, the label was reinvented in 2010: Since then, the metropolitan casual look has been setting new standards when it comes to an urbane lifestyle.


For the relaunch, Parasol Island was entrusted with the concept, production and website maintenance. In addition, the agency took charge of all the brand‘s social media, film and eCommerce activities – and since then it has given the big city source of inspiration an unmistakeable image in the virtual world. Apart from films, music and blogs, has a captivating tailormade store finder with friends radius search, lookbooks and an eShop.

Producing Films

Parasol Island also produces all campaign and collection films, including diverse national adaptations, and creates content pages for promotional campaigns, e.g. the Simfy Cooperation or Shopping Nights.

Connect & E-Shop

Apart from the conception & production of the new website we were also entrusted with the revision of the eShop and all eCommerce activities. We developed MEXX Connect, a benefit program which gives you special offers in all participating stores and in the eShop.

200% increase

So that it never gets boring, the website is continuously updated, which involves daily delivery of more than 60 gigabytes of content. The key access figures, with an increase of more than 200 % and an especially developed Facebook photo app with several thousand users all have a clear message – which is also reflected in the Mexx Facebook profile.

The former 2,000 fans have become 52,000. Here they can not only find out about the latest stores and styles, but can also upload their own photos to present themselves to their friends in their favourite Mexx look.


Parasol Island produziert zudem sämtliche Kampagnen- und Kollektions-Filme inklusive diverser Länderadaptionen und erstellt Content-Seiten für Promotion-Aktionen, wie z. B. die Simfy-Kooperation oder Shopping Nights.

Former Vice President Marketing

Knut Burgdorf

„Since I have been at Mexx, we have focussed our efforts on re-establishing the brand‘s fashion relevance. If you want to turn around a brand, you need people who are not only there to direct agencies and service providers, but also to do a large part of the design themselves.

Much of what we do comes from the inside, from the company itself. Which makes it all the more important for me to work with partners who really understand where we want to go with the brand and can contribute to achieving it.

Parasol Island is one of the few external agencies with which we work. From the outset, our goal was to create a digital world for Mexx, which is different to the mainstream area in which we operate. It is relatively easy to make a niche label look cool; it becomes a challenge when a major brand is involved.

Together with Parasol Island we have mastered this challenge. An important precondition for me was that at Parasol Island you work with people who at the end of the day not only sell taste but also have taste.

That here style is a kind of lifestyle, which is not simply bought in from somewhere else. But a far more decisive factor is that in our collaboration I never have the feeling that an insidious, unchanging relationship exists between the client and agency, but that everything we do together is always directed towards the future, is orientated towards making our ideas even better.
Simply thinking one step ahead – that is definitely Parasol Island‘s greatest strength.

This high degree of innovation, which enables ideas to be bounced back and forth and push them forward.

I don‘t want to have to take my idea from A to B to C, but rather to implement it directly, wherever possible with a single firm. At Parasol Island, I find all the necessary resources under one roof. The best possible interface between concept and creative production. For me, a kind of „one stop shopping“, which enables me to get the most out of an idea – without having to make stops along the way. Very unpretentious, candid and friendly working, which I personally value very highly.

Because ultimately, I would rather work with partners than with service providers, wouldn‘t you?“

Recent work

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