The Be stupid-campaign for Diesel, the successful italian denim brand, startet in January. Be stupid stands for doing things instead of just thinking about them and not doing anything at all. Because just having the idea is not enough. You have to implement them. And suddenly there was the idea to transport the digital world into reality for one day. Looking at one anothers face, telling each other what's new without using social networks. Parasol Island was assigned by DDB to build the digital communication of the campaign. Facepark was born - an event where thousands of users were asked to live offline for a change. The claim be stupid – be analog was played through consequently.

Thousands of users were asked to live offline for a change: Meet each other at a certain time, at an analogue place in the analogue world. Looking at one anothers face, telling each other what’s new without using social networks and a status post. On the website facepark.org the users were able to start their own viral marketing campaign. Signs saying “Viral Video for facepark.org” were passed on from one to another. And of course they filmed each other while shareing their status in different ways. And learned which finger you should show the digital world and that the search engine Stupidsearch delivers strange results. And of course they saw where and when the Facepark event will be happening. The news were spreaded fast – of course very inconsistently only online.

On June 20 all people who didn’t want to waste their time in front of their monitor, came to Falkplatz in Berlin Prenzlauer Berg to waste their time offline with cardboard signs, markers and like-buttons. They painted the cardboards, stroked the real pig Moritz at “Farmville” und celebrated with everything the good old analogue world has to offer: beer, lemonade, a paddling pool, live bands, sun, a green field and nice people.

A huge media coverage was the result. Die Welt featured the campaign on two pages, radio and tv reported in detail. Parasol Island won the VDW award for “best visual media, microsite and guerrilla”. The magazine Horizont selected the event as top favorite of the week and adsoftheworld gave 8,5 stars. Back in the digital world the Facepark fans on Facebook agreed that such an event has to happen again, because: Be stupid – be analog.

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