Polizei NRW
AR-Effekt Uniformen

Police NRW were looking to expand their “GENAU MEIN FALL” campaign via social media and we were asked to create ad formats for the entire year.

The task

The main challenge was to reach a variety of target groups, aligning the ad formats and media to key events happening in the police agenda for the year. This social media extension of the campaign utilized the platforms Snapchat, Instagram and Facebook to drive traffic to the homepage of the department.

The idea

Facebook’s popularity and support of augmented reality within their app allowed us to rebuilt three different police uniforms into Spark, Facebook’s own AR platform. Fans & potential applicants could not only discover the different positions, but could also try on the uniforms to see how they could actually look in the near future – a future with the police.

The outcome

The AR-effect is easily accessible within the Facebook app. These three police uniforms represent the possibility of different specializations in a career with the police. Each uniform type is also presented in their usual surroundings, enhancing the feeling of actually being a real policemen.

Official Police Uniform

This is the uniform german policemen wear in public. A blue buttoned shirt and the standard issue hat.

Riot Control

One doesn’t often see a member of the riot control, but with our effect, users can actually be one.

Police Helicopter Pilot

Policemen have multiple areas to cover, for example, the airspace. Therefore we also created the pilot uniform.

The performance

The AR-campaign was a great success. We achieved a reach of just under 1 million views – while users generated over 2.7 million photos. This shows that people who are interested in “a career with the police” also want to share their interests with friends and relatives. Facebook with the integrated AR tool gave us the ideal infrastructure to reach this goal.

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