For the past years Fanta challenged their customers to vote for a new flavor hitting the stores in summer. The so called Fanta Flavor Battle activated teens to participate and spread the word throughout social media. This year the teens not only voted for their favorite but also created cool and funny posters with tools provided in the infamous Snapchat app. With the possibilities and reach of Snapchat it was possible to integrate branded emojis and Fanta typical layers onto user images to create corporate content. Also the teens with the best outcome had the chance to see their creations on digital screens in cities all over Germany.

Ogilvy Berlin; Coca-Cola


The challenge

Our task was to combine two Fanta Wildberries branded user images with animations and blend them into each other. The hardest challenge was to combine two images created mostly by teenagers that wouldn’t fit on the first glimpse. The contrasts couldn’t be bigger but the results speak for themselve.

The outcome

As you would first think of Fanta it’s a tasty lemonde. Maybe the most tasteful. But in the end it’s a liquid. So why not doing a liquid animation and using a few elements that were mostly used to create funny transitions. If you look closer you’ll see some interesting things. We promise. – We are excited for the next winner of the Fanta Flavor Battle!

Recent Work